Durable & Attractive Granite Countertops for Homeowners in Irvine, CA

Modern kitchen with black granite countertop

An extremely hard type of natural stone, granite is formed from compressed molten rock under the Earth’s surface over the course of millions of years. Made up of interlocking mineral crystals—including white feldspar, light gray quartz, and black mica—each piece of granite is truly one of a kind. When polished, it takes on a luminous, almost three-dimensional sheen. In addition to unique beauty, however, granite offers unrivaled durability and heat resistance. These attributes make it an outstanding and sought-after countertop material.

We’re the Granite Countertop Experts

Turning raw granite into a kitchen or bathroom countertop requires refined expertise and special tools. ASW—the leading countertop replacement company serving homeowners in Irvine and throughout Southern California—has the process down to a science. Each customer works one-on-one with a skilled designer; together, they create a piece that meets the customer’s exact specifications (granite is available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns). Once the design is finalized, we fabricate the countertop in our own state-of-the-art production facility.

After the fabrication is complete, our experienced technicians take it from there, installing the countertop in our customer’s home with precision and care. We take great pride in our work—and it shows. And to make the home improvement process as seamless as possible for our customers, we also offer turnkey services, such as tile installation, plumbing and electrical work, and cabinet leveling. In short, ASW does it all!

Let’s Get Started

If you are interested in adding a granite countertop to your home in Irvine, CA, contact ASW today. We’ll be pleased to tell you more about our products and services, and explain why granite continues to be one of the most popular materials for countertops.

“What an experience. They did a very professional job. We had our kitchen countertops and island replaced with silestone quartz, It fits perfectly, these guys knew what they were doing. They also arrived on time and did the demo and installation on the same day. They cleaned up completely, very neat and clean. Great job! Excellent crew!”

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